Bringing skiing to the masses

The concept for ‘The Biggest Little Ski Hill’  (BLSH) began in the summer of 2014. At that time, Meghan Ochs, owner and founder of BLSH, was introduced to the board of a non-profit ski foundation that was partnering with a major ski resort, and the local division of a national not for profit organization, to give underprivileged children the opportunity to ski and snowboard. As a ski coach and instructor, Meghan already knew how exclusive snow sports can be as both skiing and snowboarding typically have high economic barriers to entry. The potential of this program, and the partnership which made it all possible, inspired Meghan to find more creative ways to help future skiers and riders gain access to snow sports and fall in love with them for a lifetime. Over time, Meghan also saw a need to have more skiers and riders come from a more diverse backgrounds. She understood that two of the major hurdles facing the snow sports industry are a lack of diversity among participants due to financial factors, and retention. The lack of retention can be both attributed to economic issues as well as other factors that can’t always be controlled in an outdoor mountain setting.

For most, the ongoing costs associated with snow sports is not sustainable long term. This, when combined with variables such as unpredictable weather, crowded slopes, and the inherent risks involved with sliding down snow, many try skiing or snowboarding but never return. Indoor ski slopes and simulators can ease both of these challenges.

Indoor slopes, decks and simulators are a more affordable way to introduce new audiences to the sport while also eliminating some of the external factors that scary away novice skiers and riders. After and five years of living in, “The Biggest Little City in the World,” and trying to research, embrace, and understand these challenges in the snow sports industry, ‘The Biggest Little Ski Hill” was born.

Mission & Vision

Promote, support, and ease access to snow sports.

Introducing and improving skiing and riding skills off snow, for a lifetime of learning, on snow.

Bringing skiing TO the masses

The ski industry faces a lot of challenges, both internally and externally. Externally, climate change and global warming are decreasing seasonal snow fall totals while the snow line keeps moving higher up the mountain. Internally, the ski industry struggles with providing all of their services at a price the average family can afford. We are an industry asking more and more of fewer skiers and riders. Creating a new skier or rider is always more difficult than keeping the interest of an existing one.

Ski decks, revolving slopes, and simulators eliminate many of the issues associated with low retention in the ski industry such as high prices, cold temperatures, extreme wind, and large crowds that can intimidate inexperienced skiers and riders. On these machines, snow sports participants can learn and improve in a more affordable, and controlled setting, and then go to the mountain better prepared for their first on snow learning experience. Once on snow, they can, and should always, continue to learn from a certified instructor. Better prepared for their first lesson, they are far more likely to have a successful experience and maintain interest in a sport that has lifelong physical, and mental benefits. Ski decks and revolving slopes are a perfect complement to the ski industry and the unmatched on snow experience.

The Biggest Little Ski Hill aims to introduce as many people as possible to snow sports for a lifetime of learning.

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